Ustone 12000 mAh External Battery Pack for Mobile Phone and Tablet

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  • Red Dot Award Winner for its unique and timeless design.
  • Faster recharging speed of 2.1A for a quick 7 hour charge (please use a 2.1A wall charger) (please use a 2.1A wall charger).
  • Great energy conversion – higher than 85% for better efficiency.
  • Biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials.
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    Product Description

    Color: Stone Gray

    I represent the freedom from a wall charger! View larger
    How does Lepow STAND APART From the Herd?
    Lepow prides itself on being a creative and innovative company that is always going beyond the industry’s standards. We consider not only how the product works, but how it can fit to a user’s lifestyle and change the perception people have of electronics. Lastly, we create to make life more enjoyable each and everyday.
    Red Dot Design Award Winner
    2013 Red Dot Design award winner: high-performing, visually stunning mobile power bank. Stylish, rounded and unibody form allow easy access in and out of bags. Its smooth, uniquely textured exterior is quality you can truly feel. Legitimate 12,000mAh battery capacity. – iPhone 5, 5S, 5C ~ 7 times; – iPad Air ~ 1.5 times; – Samsung Galaxy S4 ~ 4 times; – Samsung Note 3 ~ 3 times.
    What makes Lepow stand out even more?
    1. Fast recharging speed 2. High conversion rate 3. High capacity of 12,000mAh 4. Lithium polymer battery 5. Shakable battery life display 6. Creative and recyclable packaging 7. Lastly, our customer service, like our products, is great! We provide a worry-free 12-month warranty and (exclusive to products sold by Lepow) and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed for every customer. Lepow is the only authorized seller for all Lepow products on Amazon.
    Why check for battery life the boring way when you can shake it?! View larger
    What makes the U-Stone feel more fun?
    U-Stone features a shakable battery life display. We want to make it easier and fun for you to check your battery life. Simply shake the battery front and back in a 90-degree motion. 4 blue LED lights will light up to indicate battery life. The LED lights are bright and sharp for aesthetic and visual purposes to match the product. It’s also very convenient especially if you’re carrying so many things; it is hard to reach a button when your hands are not free, but easy to just shake it.
    I’m big and powerful! Small capacity power banks don’t stand a chance against me. View larger
    Why people like this “big” portable battery?
    “Big” means High Capacity. The 12,000mAh battery is perfect for long travels. With a capacity of “big” size, it can charge an iPhone 5 around 7 times. You can go travel and not worry about having enough power in your phone to take pictures or videos. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on creating memories. “Big” doesn’t means inconvenient. The design of U-stone is not only good for its looks, but also for its convenience of use. The “U” shape design make you holding the battery more easier and being free to slide into your pocket. It will let you forget this is a “big” portable battery.
    I can handle all the power you give me. It only takes me 7 hours to get pumped up and ready to go! View larger
    Why it is very important for a 50% reduction in charging time (With 2.1A Wall Charger) and high conversion rate?
    With an input of 2.1A, the U-Stone is faster than many of the batteries out there. By using a 2.1A wall charger, the U-Stone can quickly charge up in 7 hours which is faster than most which would take 12-13 hours to charge fully. It means that you recharge your U-stone after you get back home and then you can take a full charged one next morning after a night’s sleep. It saves you a lot of time! The Lepow U-Stone features a higher conversion rate which means there is less battery discharge. That means you can charge your phone more. Many batteries only have an efficiency of 70%, but we wanted to set the bar by improving our conversion rates in our batteries. We know that in an emergency, every bit of power matters and we want to make sure you’re able to use the U-Stone to the fullest.
    My internal parts are healthy and in top shape, you’ll be surprised by how long I can last. View larger
    Why is safety the most important thing for an external battery?
    The U-Stone uses a safe, high quality lithium polymer battery, which is safer and better than a lithium ion that many other batteries use. The smart circuit in the U-Stone protects against overcharge, over discharge, and overload. With an intelligent circuit, the U-Stone is able to correct the speed of the output to match that of the smartphone to ensure a safe charge with maximum speed. Once the device is fully charged, the U-Stone will stop the battery flow to prevent it from overcharging the device and ruining the device’s battery. The U-Stone also uses double layer protection to prevent overheating of the product. Lepow has also designed the battery layout to dissipate heat more efficiently for safe use.
    I’m packaged as a dinosaur egg and you’ll be in for a treat when I have hatched! View larger
    Creative and Recyclable Packaging
    The shape of the packaging is unique in that it looks like an oval dinosaur egg. It will definitely come as a surprise that inside the dinosaur egg is a battery. It’s not only for looks, but the structure ensures that the product will not get damaged during transit. The packaging on the Lepow U-Stone features biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials. We didn’t want to contribute to the Earth’s waste more than we have to, so we created this special packaging. If the packaging is burned, the byproduct is carbon dioxide and water; it is better than using packaging made from raw materials.
    I always choose what’s best for me and I never settle for less, that’s why I’m awarded with Red Dot. View larger
    Why did the U-Stone win Red Dot Design Award?
    The Red Dot Design Award is given to the best products that embody both style and functionality. The visually stunning U-Stone embodies all the ideals of Lepow: quality, innovation, creativity, and enjoyment. The seamless design makes the U-Stone stand out amongst others for its complex construction. The product also features a unique texture that feels like smooth white sand and a unique curved body for easy grip. The U-Stone’s unique soft smooth stone-like surface gives the product texture and makes it easy to find in a bag. The U-Stone features thin edges for a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The micro USB cable is tucked away in a small slot for convenience when travelling and to prevent loose and tangled cables.

    Additional Information

    Weight 0.32 oz
    Dimensions 2.5 x 7.8 x 17 in

    Khaki Brown, Stone Gray

    16 reviews for Ustone 12000 mAh External Battery Pack for Mobile Phone and Tablet

    1. Larry Z
      5 out of 5


      External battery pack. Nice curved design, does look a bit like a scrubbing stone. Has a integrated micro-usb to usb cable on top. Difficulties are sometimes a usb cable will be hard to remove when plugged in and only has one usb port so can charge only one device at a time. Large battery packs usually have more ports since there is a lot more charging capacity. But multiple ports would not really fit into the design.

      comment from amazon

    2. Ryan D. Meyer
      5 out of 5


      Let me start by saying that I probably have about 15 phone chargers floating between my desk, laptop bag, car, home office, bedroom, kitchen, etc. I keep a spare, fully charged (factory) battery in my laptop bag, since I’ve replaced it with a third party extended life model.

      This doesn’t replace any of those things – but it complements them very well. It’s large but you can carry it in your pocket or purse while charging your device if necessary. It holds a few charges so you can share with your friends (when your friend’s phone dies on a bike ride, you’re a hero!).

      And indeed the thing appears well built, comes in a nice box, and even comes with a Japanese headband for your kids! (maybe not Lepow’s intention but it was neat)

      comment from amazon

    3. Jason Zhang
      5 out of 5


      GOOD LOOKING NICE TEXTURE GREAT PRICE. VERY CREATIVE DESIGN WITH GREAT TOUCH. U should have it if you need a charger u want to carry with.

      comment from amazon

    4. adam
      5 out of 5


      Incredible product! Well designed and styled. You will not be disappointed!! The company is awesome too.

      comment from amazon

    5. Fiona Han
      5 out of 5


      great external battery for my poor iPhone battery! looooove it!

      comment from amazon

    6. Young Tae
      5 out of 5


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